From Burnout to Resilience

From Burnout to Resilience

Every organisation treads a fine line between sustainable effort and overworking your team. Change from internal or external factors can add stress that tips that balance. Some teams seem to grow in engagement in the face of challenges, while others start to exhibit signs of disengagement and discord. Continuing to drive our teams forward without addressing these issues, particularly when the goal is important and worthwhile, creates a perfect storm that leads to burnout.

Values, Actions and Purpose not in alignment leads to burnout at work
What creates burn out in a team?


In this 15 min training, The Hive’s CEO Andrew Tilling takes you through our simple four step workshop strategy that you can use with your team to bring things back into alignment and build resilience in the face of challenges

You will find:

⟩ A break down of how our values, actions and purpose influence each other
⟩ The power of bringing these elements into alignment in your team
⟩ How misalignment impacts our experience at work, and ultimately our health
⟩ Tools and resources you can use to create an engaging team event that shapes your values, purpose and next steps
⟩ How you can keep the resilience consistently improving over the weeks and months ahead
⟩ A simple scale system for staying in tune with how engaged your team are feeling

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