What We Do

Training. Coaching. Workshops. Interventions. Programs.

Embrace culture change and leadership challenges, with radically effective training programs that drive success, inspirational outcomes, and profitable results.


We provide powerful and engaging training, coaching, and consultancy services, deploying interactive group workshops, transformational training programs, change management initiatives, and intensive culture change interventions that embrace shared learning experiences, through expert facilitation, with professional trainers who inspire.

Radically Effective Training.

We provide radically effective training programs and coaching that unlocks and enables a dynamic culture shift in leaders, managers, and your teams. Whether you are seeking to empower senior leaders, turn around performance, or create a thriving and inclusive working culture, we help you deliver results that matter, with a legacy of lasting change.

Handpicked Professionals.

Our handpicked team of associate trainers, coaches and facilitators have an exceptional ability to challenge and unlock potential in leaders, teams and individuals, with expertise and compassion. We carefully fit your unique goals to the knowledge, personality, and skills of our professional Hive Associates to shape and deliver your vision and outcomes.


Positive Impact. Empathy. Courage. Excellence.

We believe in the power of empathy, courage, and excellence to create meaningful and lasting change. Our programs are designed to go beyond surface-level solutions, delving deep into the core of your organisation to address the real challenges you face. With our unique approach, we empower individuals and teams to embrace their full potential.

People. Planet. Profit.

Our main purpose is to enable you and your team to drive the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. We work with companies who care about their employees, the communities they serve, and the impact of their business on the environment, aiming to drive sustainable success with inspirational outcomes that deliver profitable results.

Leadership Training.

Leadership comes naturally to some people, while others learn the skills over time and through experience, but the pressures and expectations placed upon today’s leaders is amplified by the pressure being applied by new generational cultures in the workplace, shareholders who expect accountability, and consumers who expect ethical profiteering.

We deliver thoroughly researched, highly bespoke, engaging leadership training and development programs that empower leaders to become compelling role models who create cultures that inspire innovation and motivate team productivity, for all levels of leadership, from team leaders, to middle managers, to senior leaders and the C-suite. 

Our training provides leaders with the necessary tools, support, and guidance to learn key leadership skills, including how to lead so people want to follow, understanding the tools of transformational leadership, recognising leadership styles, and exploring leadership beyond management, to to embed a purpose-driven leadership culture.


Culture Transformation.

Change management and culture change initiatives have become increasingly important to leaders in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business landscape. Worldwide pandemics, global crises, shareholder pressures, and the expectations of consumers, Millennials, and Generation Z, have all contributed to a cultural awakening.

We offer strategic culture consultancy, grounded in empathy and robust practice, to help you understand where you are now as a business, define where you want to be, and reinvigorate your team’s loyalty and drive to get there. There is a famous Peter Drucker quote that says “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We make culture a part of strategy.

A business is only as strong as its people. We help you transform your teams to embrace ambitious future plans, turning vision into reality. We stabilise your business with clarity and direction, building and enabling high performing teams, creating a thriving, inclusive culture you feel proud of, leading your business forward with a shared sense of purpose.

Sales Training Programs.

Our sales training embeds a shared set of tools and common vocabulary to cultivate and empower sales teams, creating the opportunity for accelerated results through the use of our patented framework and proven methodology. We help you unlock inspirational performance alongside the creation of an adaptable and collaborative culture change.

The Hive understands that for sales success to become intrinsic, the team culture and mindset need to be aligned. We strengthen the team by instilling resilience, agility, and discipline within a consistent framework, and teaching the art of storytelling, significantly impacting sales results by upskilling even the most experienced of sales professionals.

This robust, tried and tested sales methodology is flexible enough to accommodate different types of sales cycles, and provides a value-driven toolkit the whole team can implement immediately, which team leaders can use to cultivate success. Our clients consistently report extraordinary results after embedding our patented sales training.


Bespoke Training Programs.

Tailor made training solutions.

One of our approaches to assist company owners and senior leaders bring about necessary change, and manage the process, involves bespoke program designs built around the unique situation and business landscape faced by an organisation’s team.

You may be seeing signs that your company’s position is unsustainable without a culture shift, or recognise the need to protect your employees, colleagues, clients and suppliers, from less than favourable conditions. Maybe you recognise the need to upskill leaders.

We design and implement personalised training programs around the unique issues and problems facing leaders and their teams, often pairing a research and insights program with a tailored delivery of workshops and coaching sessions that overcome the findings.

Program designs deliver powerful frameworks that overcome your unique challenges, through culture reset-and-rebuild initiatives, fixing key problems by empowering your team with the shared vocabulary and skills necessary to drive a cultural transformation.

Diagnosing your unique issues.

If you already know what problems you need addressing, we’ll work with you to design an intensive training program that spans months, or deliver a one-day workshop that gets straight to the heart of the problem you’ve identified. But if you aren’t sure, we can help.

You may already know what is getting in the way of your organisational success, and have a clear idea and understanding of the problem and specific solutions you would like to implement, but if you don’t then we can uncover the hidden truths to unlock solutions.

Our programs are designed around you and your specific scenario, without a generic approach, using tried and tested methodologies to bring about necessary changes for the betterment of your organisation. We start with a clear mission, and end with results.

No two organisations are the same. We carefully design our interactive workshops, transformative programs, and intensive interventions precisely to help you be your best, by doing what we do best: transforming working cultures to deliver results that matter.


Research & Insights

We provide research and insights consultancy to inform organisational decisions, and we also deploy this prior to some of our training programs, where we can explore known issues while uncovering hidden problems in organisations, before we design workshops and coaching sessions to overcome known and learned challenges using these insights.

We use 1:1 interviews, surveys and creative fact finding to pinpoint challenges and define what is needed to start people on a culture change journey. This information will then clarify how we can help them to work better together and support meaningful impact. With a clear understanding of where they are, we can help to get where they want to be.

Qualitative Research

Part of our insights are delivered through qualitative research to gain an understanding of the experiences within an organisation’s workforce, using interviews with predefined questions that we agree with leaders before we begin. This provides enhanced insights from a cross-section of employees that often uncovers issues leaders weren’t aware of.

Quantitative Research

Using a wider selection of the workforce and the insights from the qualitative research, we then measure the emerging themes with quantitative research to gain more useful data around the issues and obstacles facing cultural shifts and strategic objectives. The results of this inform the culture building blocks required to deliver successful training.


Ready-to-deploy Training Workshops

Additionally to our bespoke workshops, we have a range of training workshops ready to engage with you and your team, with a shorter time-to-delivery. This collection of powerful one-day workshops provides oven-ready solutions to known common issues.


Ready-to-deploy Culture Building Programs

Besides our bespoke programs, we have a range of transformational training programs ready to take you and your team on a culture change journey, with a quicker entry point. This collection of innovative programs provides solutions to important cultural issues.


Useful Insights