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Introducing cultural shifts, upskilling leaders, and change management, can be daunting and challenging to implement, especially with today’s businesses being under immense pressure to make changes. Shareholders are demanding accountability, employees are demanding cultural shifts, and consumers are increasingly expecting firms to generate their profits ethically. The Hive’s culture change and training programs make this easy.

We carefully fit the knowledge, personality and skills of our Hive Associates to your unique business environment, ensuring you get the best support to shape and deliver your desired outcomes. Whether you are seeking to empower your leaders, turn around performance, or create a thriving and inclusive working culture, our team has an exceptional ability to challenge and unlock potential in leaders, teams and individuals.

Adaptable delivery

Once we have agreed our delivery strategy with you, our tailored programs aim to inspire and engage your leaders and teams. Using powerful, accessible models and dynamic facilitation we continue to adapt our delivery to your emerging needs over time. Using established techniques and personality mapping, we can help empower your leaders to cultivate instinctive and supportive teams, whilst increasing morale and productivity

Ongoing support

We support your leadership and management layers from the very start, working with them to ensure new behaviours are embedded in your business culture and values. Together, we enable teams to manage accountability, to work to their full potential, to negotiate their working environment with candour, empathy, and drive to deliver a united goal: transforming working cultures to deliver results that matter and a lasting legacy.

Impactful engagement

We deliver immersive and interactive learning experiences that are designed to create a supportive and engaging environment. Through a combination of impactful workshops, engaging facilitation, practical exercises, ongoing coaching, and insightful discussions delivered by expert trainers, we foster meaningful connections that empower people to apply their learnings to real-world challenges, and drive your organisation’s cultural shift.

Shared skill sets

Your teams and leaders will learn skills and techniques to cultivate a culture of cohesive adaptability, collaborative behaviours, and resilient attitudes to tackle volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous challenges faced by your organisation. They will learn a powerful, proven, shared framework – The Hive’s patented STORM Process™ – to solve complex problems as a synergistic team, with a shared skill set and common language.



Our research and insights set us apart when it comes to more robust challenges and complicated stakeholder environments. Through bespoke 1:1 in-depth interviews and surveys, our highly skilled, professional Research Team creates a safe, anonymous space to uncover the insights and sticking points that pinpoint where you are now as a team, where you want to be, and the obstacles that stand in your way. It’s all about asking the difficult questions that enable you (and us) to gain startling clarity on what you know, what you want to know, and what you didn’t expect to know before we engaged.



With a comprehensive understanding of your people, culture and business environment, we use creative design to build an engaging and inspiring training programme, tailored to where you want to be, with the culture building blocks necessary to make it happen. We provide in-person, live-virtual, and online learning capabilities, with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of your business, bringing our inspirational training workshops, facilitation, coaching, and keynote speakers to you and your teams, wherever you are in the world.

Our delivery is impactful, engaging and transformative. We achieve breakthroughs because we don’t shy away from difficult conversations, and we challenge inherited attitudes, shining a light on any ‘elephant in the room’, working to elevate the skills of your people and align behaviours in order to embed sustainable culture change. Our team tends to form lasting partnerships with our clients, often becoming an extension of their business, as we collaborate to achieve significant, positive cultural changes.

End-to-end facilitation

Our brilliant Operations Team manages the end-to-end implementation, logistics and administration of our training programs. We found that taking ownership of this removes any pressure from you and your team, and ensures our programs run smoothly for all participants. This is a major benefit for your organisation, as it saves you time and energy, allowing you and your team to focus on the learning journey, experiences, and outcomes.



The impact of our relationship with you is key to its success. It matters to us that the transformation of your leaders and teams is sustainable and lasting. We collaborate with you, ensuring new skills and behaviours are embedded in your business culture, and making sure you see a clear, measurable return on investment. Together, we enable your leaders and teams to take accountability, share an inspired purpose, drive organisational culture change, and achieve remarkable outcomes through synergistic teamwork.

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