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Accountability is a word that’s bandied around the corporate landscape like a box of Quality Street. It’s such a simple concept but is often seen in a negative light. As a leader, rather than holding your teams accountable when things go wrong, try catching them doing something right and giving them the opportunity to tell their story. It’s a powerful strategy for building staff morale, healthy working relationships, trust, ownership and commitment to a clear and united goal.

Accountability Model - Balance People, Purpose, Performance and Progression to create accountability in your teams

  • Diarise regular check-ins with individuals, don’t bump the meeting unless you absolutely have to.
  • Regularly update your teams with your plans, questions, discoveries and concerns. Be human and honest and model the behaviour you want to see.
  • Don’t hide information unless you absolutely have to.
  • Ask for feedback, give feedback and ask questions.
  • Show appreciation when things go right and celebrate the wins openly together as a team.
  • When something goes wrong – make sure you understand why and what the process was that led to the issue. This shows you care and want to prevent it happening again.
  • Be kind but fair – ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?
  • Remember: When it goes right – it’s their story, when it goes wrong – it’s an opportunity for growth and learning.

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