Free Leading Transformation Workshop

❌ Not an info webinar.

✅ Free, online workshop.

⏰ Duration is 90 minutes.

🧩 Interactive training session.

🎓 Coaching by a skilled trainer.

🤝 15 minute onboarding to begin.

This workshop introduces you to the power of alignment and collective intelligence, unlocked by The Hive’s proven Storm Process® – a powerful shared framework for solving complex stakeholder problems as a cohesive and collaborative team.

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💡 During this workshop you’ll discover:

⟩ How to align your team values around a shared sense of purpose and direction.

⟩ How to unlock your team’s potential and empower them with empathy.

⟩ How to generate cohesive collaboration and actionable insight.

⟩ How to build momentum and deliver results that matter.

This free, online workshop lasts for 90 minutes, where you’ll be taken through a powerful interactive coaching session by a skilled Hive trainer, learning how to build consensus and authentic buy-in for change; create robust transformational plans; and develop cohesive and collaborative teams in the face of volatility and uncertainty; and lead transformative change.

🎯 This workshop is designed specifically for:

⟩ Leaders of people, who have their own team, department, or lead their organisation.

⟩ Learning to build robust plans for leaders to inspire their people through transitions.

⟩ Teams facing forced change, planning elective change, or going through change now.

⟩ Changemakers; Managers; Department Heads; Directors; C-Suites; L&D/HR Leaders.

🗓️ Booking Your Free Workshop

1️⃣ Step 1: Your Onboarding:

This usually takes around 15 minutes, but you’ll have 30 minutes available, just in case you need it. During this time, you’ll be matched with a trainer, we’ll prepare some notes for your trainer, and we’ll book a day and time for your 90-minute session.

2️⃣ Step 2: Your Workshop:

You’ll have 90 minutes with your trainer, focussed on you and your situation. The trainer will use the notes from your onboarding to gain a better understanding of your situation before joining you for a live, dedicated, interactive workshop experience.

➡️ Book your Onboarding:

Choose an appointment for your workshop onboarding that suits your diary here:

⛔ This particular workshop is not designed for:

⟩ Self-employed individuals who don’t lead their own team.

⟩ Members of a team who do not have a say in how it is led.

🔗 Please feel free to share this workshop with someone you feel would benefit from this:

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Here at The Hive, we design and build powerful leadership training, upskilling workshops, and transformative culture building programs, working with leaders and their teams to deliver results that matter.

Why Do We Offer This Free Workshop?

Aside from it being a great way to try-before-you-buy, we recognised a need for leadership training that showcases how to become a powerful changemaker and lead through change.

We identified that the single biggest obstacle facing companies isn’t resources or talent, nor working remotely or research – but a lack of alignment. Something we’re great at delivering.

We have to learn how to think together better, if we are to tackle the biggest challenges facing our generation of leaders.

We designed this workshop to make a difference: fixing the alignment between senior leaders and their teams is a start; creating alignment among the individuals in your teams takes it to the next level.

Having everyone on the same page – with a shared sense of purpose and direction – makes transformation easier to deliver, while improving engagement and morale, and ensuring productivity and profitability are positively impacted, with the least operational disruption.

Collective intelligence is unlocked using empathy to empower alignment, boosting engagement, enhancing innovation, unleashing creativity, and encouraging shared ownership of solution building and desired outcomes. Book your free workshop today.


STORM is mind blowing. I found it exciting and structured… I have had insights, Aha moments, refined my thoughts, clarified my doubts and I left with a very clear to-do list. I recommend Andrew and this process warmly.

L&D Programs Director

This is the most practical, application-focused leadership training I’ve ever had and I think it is excellent.

Senior Leader, Secondary Care, PPG

My recommendation is to set up a call, be really open about what your problems are, leave your ego at the door, and they’ll come up with some great suggestions.

Chloe Cameron - Chief People Officer (EMEA), Pax8

I guess the best compliment I could give is that if I was Global Head of Sales at another company, I would hire The Hive to train my team.

D.M. - Regional Sales Manager, DTN