Teaming Better

Build Collaboration with Teaming Better

A 6 Month Program to Develop Your Leadership, Management, and Team Culture

Build a collaborative and cohesive team culture, with a shared sense of purpose and direction, improved retention, creativity, innovation, and productivity.

This program delivers an intensive training intervention for organisations whose teams are not communicating and collaborating effectively. It serves as a catalyst, energising your team and unlocking the power of alignment to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

This program is designed for businesses who are eager to achieve remarkable outcomes but their teams are not communicating and collaborating effectively, struggling with the challenges posed by today’s volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world. Our program is ideal for those who seek to build a strong, collaborative team culture across their organisation, with a shared sense of purpose and direction, to address real, VUCA world business challenges with a cohesive team spirit.

Our program is built to support senior leadership teams, and all of their management levels, by providing their teams with the necessary tools, support, and guidance to cultivate a strong collaborative culture that tackles real-world challenges across their organisation. It aligns everyone with a shared vocabulary, skill set, and sense of purpose and direction, using a powerful, proven, shared framework – The Hive’s patented STORM Process™ – to solve complex problems as a stronger, more collaborative team.


What does our Teaming Better program do?

This program embeds proper teamwork, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and work more efficiently together as part of a stronger, more cohesive, and productive workforce. It addresses ingrained attitudes and behaviours, resolving situations where cross-departmental and internal communication is weak or broken down entirely, highlighting the importance of each individual within the collective impact of teamwork.

The Teaming Better program helps you to:

  • Develop cross-departmental, organisation-wide collaborative teamwork.
  • Create a more positive, inclusive, and productive workplace.
  • Foster an adaptable and collaborative team culture.
  • Improve employee retention with more engaged and motivated teams.
  • Unlock collective intelligence leading to improved innovation and creativity.
  • Build a cohesive team based around a shared sense of purpose and direction.
  • Embed shared problem-solving capabilities with common tools and terminology.

What problems does this program fix?

The Teaming Better program address a range of organisational pain points, and fix the following problems:

  • Lack of effective collaboration within-and-across teams.
  • Burnout is a real threat, or a present issue in the organisation.
  • Siloed knowledge, with a lack of intelligence sharing across the organisation.
  • Reduced productivity, low morale, and a lack of innovation.
  • Uncooperative teams in volatile, uncertain, complex, or ambiguous environments.
  • Struggles with team dynamics and communication.
  • High employee turnover and retention challenges.

What are the program objectives?

The objectives of the Team Purpose program are to:

  • Enhance team collaboration and efficiency.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and collective intelligence.
  • Identify and overcome behaviours and attitudes hindering team performance.
  • Empower teams to solve complex problems with a shared skill set and vocabulary.
  • Improve employee retention by creating a positive and engaging environment.
  • Build a collaborative team based around a shared sense of purpose and direction.
  • Achieve greater team cohesion to unlock their full potential.

What are the beneficial outcomes?

By the end of the program, you will have:

  • Cross-departmental, organisation-wide team alignment and collaboration.
  • Cultivated a collaborative culture, unlocking collective intelligence.
  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities with a shared skill set and vocabulary.
  • Improved team dynamics, engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increased morale, innovation, creativity, productivity, and performance.
  • A more resilient, cohesive, and adaptable team in the face of adversity.
  • A shared mindset and common language for effective communication.

What can you expect from the program?

Participants can expect a comprehensive and immersive experience, tailored to address the specific challenges and behaviours faced by each team, to realign and equip them with a shared set of tools and a common language for true collaboration. It will delve into team dynamics, purpose, and collaborative strategies, through a combination of interactive workshops, engaging facilitation, practical exercises, ongoing coaching, and insightful discussions delivered by expert trainers.

Teams will learn to cooperate more effectively when faced with adversity, learning skills and techniques to overcome challenges collaboratively, with a shared sense of purpose, using a powerful, proven, shared framework – The Hive’s patented STORM Process™ – to solve complex problems as a team, with a shared skill set and common vocabulary.

What made us create this program?

  • Nearly 40% of CEOs recognise that their company will not be economically viable in 10 years’ time if it continues on its current course, a pattern which is consistent across all sectors. – PwC’s ‘Annual CEO Survey 2023′.
  • Only 23% of organisations believe leaders in their business are well equipped to lead effectively in a disrupted world. – Deloitte’s ‘Human Capital Trends 2023′.
  • During 6 months of the Great Resignation, 47 million voluntarily left their jobs; 77% of employers globally report difficulty finding talent. – Harvard Business Review’s ‘The Great Resignation’; Manpower Group’s ‘The Talent Shortage‘ 2023.
  • 44% of Gen Z and 43% of Millennials say they have recently left a workplace because of burnout. – Deloitte’s ‘Global Gen Z and Millennials Survey 2022’.

We recognised the growing importance of strong collaboration across teams in organisations, the impact of team cohesion on productivity, and the negative consequences of a disjointed culture. We saw Heads of People and Culture, HR Directors, Heads of Learning and Development, CEOs, COOs, and other senior leaders struggling to embed teamwork and cooperation.

So we designed this transformative training intervention for teams that are failing to communicate and collaborate effectively. This is an ideal culture change program to embed a culture of cross-departmental, organisation-wide collaborative teamwork. It improves employee retention with more engaged and motivated teams, while it unlocks collective intelligence leading to improved creativity, innovation, and productivity.

These are some of the challenges facing business leaders in a VUCA world, which this workshop helps you to overcome:


Addressing the pervasive burnout culture that hampers productivity and drains your team’s energy and motivation.


Overcoming the revolving door syndrome by creating an environment that retains top talent and fosters loyalty.

VUCA Environments

Navigating the challenges of the volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world to build resilience and adaptability.

Lack of Collaboration

Overcoming silos and enhancing cross-functional collaboration to drive collective success.


Tackling the lack of enthusiasm and commitment that hinders collaboration and stifles innovation.

Reduced Productivity

Addressing the productivity gaps caused by misalignment, lack of purpose, and ineffective collaboration.

Fearful Culture

Fearfulness plays a large part in stopping teams from coping with rapid change, reducing productivity, and limiting innovative solutions.

Case Study

Their situation

A well known marketing agency, serving blue chip clients, was struggling with retention issues, low productivity, and poor morale. They had increased headcount to cope with growth, but cooperation was strained, stress levels high, and deadlines were missed.

They had tried team building exercises and internal interventions, meetings and one-to-one coaching, but nothing improved their team’s ability to cooperate; there was a lack of cohesion, and collaboration across departments was an ongoing blame game.

Their Head of People recognised the need for a culture change and sought immediate support to create and manage a change initiative. They approached The Hive Change Consultancy for help and advice, not knowing what to do next, having “tried everything.”

Our solution

We designed a culture change program to embed a culture of cross-departmental, organisation-wide collaborative teamwork. The aims were to improve employee retention through more engaged and motivated teams, while unlocking collective intelligence that led to improved creativity, innovation, and productivity: true teamwork.

The result

After the intervention, their team was able to collaborate and operate cohesively, with a shared sense of purpose and direction. This also improved staff retention, heightened creativity and innovation when problem solving, and increased productivity and morale.

Useful Insights