Build Your Culture Programs

Empower Your Organisation with Build Your Culture Programs

A 6 Month Program to Build Your Culture

Utilise tailored Build Your Culture programs to address systemic challenges with the skills, tools, and shared vocabulary necessary for cultural transformation.

These programs will empower you and your team, providing the shared skills, tools, and vocabulary necessary to drive collaborative and innovative culture change, unlocking collective intelligence for organisational success.

These programs are specifically designed for those leaders who are seeking to achieve exceptional outcomes, while navigating the challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. We aim to support leaders to foster a collaborative and innovative culture within their organisations to tackle real, VUCA world challenges effectively.

Our programs provide a framework for culture reset-and-rebuild initiatives, addressing systemic challenges prevalent within organisations, by empowering teams and leaders with the skills, tools, and shared vocabulary necessary to drive cultural transformation.


The Build Your Culture programs are transformative, six-month culture change programs that equip leaders and teams with the tools and strategies necessary to:

  • Drive cultural transformation across organisations.
  • Build resilient leadership and cohesive teams, capable of adapting to change.
  • Enhance collective intelligence.
  • Work together more effectively.
  • Embrace a shared sense of purpose and direction.
  • Approach and solve complex problems, with shared tools and a common language.

We offer tailored programs such as Build Your Leadership Culture, Build Your Management Culture, Build Your Collectively Intelligent Culture, and Build Your Collaborative Culture, all aimed at fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

These programs provide you with the shared skill set required to thrive during change, and embed collaborative and innovative cultures, while navigating obstacles, aligning values, and embracing a shared sense of purpose, with shared tools and vocabulary.

You will learn The Hive’s patented STORM Process™ framework to master a shared approach for solving complex problems as a strong, cohesive team. This flexible and adaptable approach can be tailored to various systemic issues within organisations.


What do build your culture programs do?

Our Build Your Culture programs help C-suites, Directors and senior leaders pave the way for their teams to embrace the organisation’s cultural shift, with effective change leadership to achieve inspiring outcomes in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

The Build Your Culture programs help you to:

  • Learn and utilise powerful frameworks for culture resets and rebuild initiatives.
  • Identify and address systemic challenges prevalent within organisations.
  • Get authentic, organisation-wide buy-in for necessary culture change.
  • Create a more positive, inclusive, and productive workplace during change.
  • Align team mindsets, language, and actions with shared goals.
  • Develop resilient teams with a shared sense of purpose and improve retention.
  • Gain the skills and tools to foster a collaborative and innovative culture.
  • Cultivate a culture that values diverse perspectives and encourages innovation.

What problems does this program fix?

Our Build Your Culture programs address a range of organisational pain points, and fix the following problems:

  • Retention problems: By fostering a positive and engaging culture, organisations can improve employee satisfaction, leading to reduced turnover rates.
  • Managers/leaders promoted without management/leadership upskilling: Our program provides the necessary tools and skills to support leaders in their new roles, ensuring effective management and leadership practices.
  • Poor leadership: By cultivating collaborative and inclusive leadership practices, our program empowers leaders to drive positive change and enhance overall leadership capabilities.
  • Siloed working: We break down silos within organisations, promoting cross-functional collaboration and fostering a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing.
  • Toxic traits, e.g., ideas being shot down: Our program promotes a culture that encourages diverse perspectives and values the contributions of all team members, eliminating toxic traits such as dismissing ideas without consideration.
  • Teams that are facing volatile, uncertain, complex, or ambiguous challenges.

By engaging with our Build Your Culture programs, organisations can proactively address these challenges, leading to improved performance, increased innovation, and enhanced organisational success. Our program framework can be tailored to focus on specific culture building blocks, such as values, narrative, purpose, people, and place.

We design specific programs, such as Build Your Leadership Culture, Build Your Management Culture, Build Your Collectively Intelligent Culture, and Build Your Collaborative Culture, to foster purpose driven cultures of collaboration and innovation.


What are the program objectives?

The objectives of our Build Your Culture programs are to:

  • Empower teams and leaders with the skills, tools, and shared vocabulary necessary to drive cultural transformation within their organisations.
  • Build resilient teams capable of adapting to change and adopting a new culture.
  • Align the team’s mindset and language with the business’s shared goals.
  • Cultivate collaborative mindsets across the organisation.
  • Promote effective communications to improve engagement and retention.
  • Build a cohesive team based around a shared sense of purpose and direction.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the organisation’s obstacles and challenges.
  • Embed shared problem-solving capabilities, with common tools and language.

What are the beneficial outcomes?

By engaging in our Build Your Culture programs, organisations will have:

  • Improved retention rates and employee satisfaction.
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities and upskilling of managers.
  • Cultivated positive and effective leadership practices.
  • Broken down silos, fostering cross-functional collaboration.
  • Eliminated toxic traits, such as dismissing ideas without consideration.
  • Developed a culture that values diverse perspectives and encourages innovation.
  • Empowered teams ready to face future challenges, together.
  • Ability to execute the patented STORM Process™, a proven, shared framework for approaching and solving complex problems, and collaborating more effectively as a team.

What can you expect from the program?

Throughout the program, participants can expect a comprehensive and engaging experience that combines online and face-to-face interactions. The program spans over six months, including a discovery stage tailored to address specific organisational challenges, two intensive workshop days at the beginning and the end, and a program of remote and in-person coaching, with engaging facilitation and hands-on activities delivered by expert trainers.

Our aim is to equip participants with the skills, tools, and shared vocabulary necessary to implement their new knowledge effectively, and thrive in the face of adversity, using The Hive’s patented STORM Process™, a shared framework for approaching and solving complex problems as a cohesive, synergetic team.

Build your culture program delivery and modality

Our Build Your Culture Programs are typically delivered over a span of six months, incorporating various components to ensure a comprehensive and impactful learning experience. The delivery model is designed to accommodate both online and face-to-face interactions, providing flexibility and accessibility for participants. Here is an overview of the typical program delivery:

The program begins with an in-depth discovery stage, where our team conducts qualitative and quantitative research specific to your organisation’s challenges. This stage involves conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders to gain insights into the current situation, identify pain points, and understand the desired outcomes.

After the discovery stage, participants engage in a two-day intensive workshop. This workshop serves as a catalyst for learning, collaboration, and skill development. Through interactive activities, discussions, and exercises, participants delve into the principles and practices of collaborative problem-solving and cultural transformation.

Following the initial workshop, participants receive ongoing coaching and support to reinforce learning and implementation. This coaching can take various forms, including both remote and in-person sessions, to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of the participants and organisation. Our experienced coaches provide guidance, feedback, and personalised support to ensure the application of new skills and sustain behavioural change.

At the conclusion of the program, participants come together for a two-day wrap-up workshop. This workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress made, share insights and challenges, and solidify the learning outcomes. Participants engage in collaborative exercises and discussions to further embed the newly acquired skills and strategies into their day-to-day work.

Our programs are designed for cohorts of up to 12 participants, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Participants benefit from shared experiences, peer feedback, and the opportunity to build a network of like-minded professionals who can continue to support one another beyond the program.

The program is highly adaptable and can be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organisation. We understand that every organisation is unique, and our approach allows us to customise the content, exercises, and coaching to align with your culture, values, and desired outcomes. Additionally, we can run multiple cohorts in parallel to scale the program across larger teams within your organisation.

Our program delivery model combines the best of both online and face-to-face learning experiences, ensuring maximum engagement, interaction, and impact. We are committed to providing a transformative and enjoyable journey for participants, empowering them to drive cultural change and achieve remarkable outcomes.

What made us create our build your culture programs?

  • PwC’s annual ‘CEO Survey 2023’ showed nearly 40% of CEOs recognise that their company will not be economically viable in 10 years’ time if it continues on its current course – a pattern that is consistent across sectors.
  • Deloitte’s ‘Human Capital Trends’ found only 23% of organisations believe leaders in their business are well equipped to lead effectively in a disrupted world.
  • MIT Sloan Review’s ‘Toxic Culture is driving The Great Resignation’ calculated that toxic corporate culture was 10 times more likely to predict attrition.
  • Deloitte’s ‘Global Gen Z and Millennials Survey 2022’ discovered 44% of Gen Z and 43% of Millennials say they have recently left a workplace because of burnout.

We recognised that leaders who are entering uncertain times and those coming through the other side of volatile periods share complex experiences and ambiguity that can limit an organisation’s ability to be productive, innovative and collaborative. We often find that environments can become toxic without intelligent intervention.

So we designed our transformational Build Your Culture programs as ideal change management programs for Heads of People and Culture, HR Directors, Heads of Learning and Development, CEOs, COOs, and other senior leaders who are facing systemic issues, and those who believe there is significant room for improvement, to support their teams through collaborative culture-building activities, tailored to them.

These are some of the challenges facing business leaders in a VUCA world, which this workshop helps you to overcome:

Increased competition

In today’s VUCA world, businesses are facing increased competition from all sides. This can make it difficult to stay ahead of the curve and to achieve your goals.


The future is uncertain, and this can create anxiety and stress for teams. They may be worried about their jobs, their company’s future, and their own capacity to cope with change.


Teams may be struggling to resolve conflicts effectively. This can lead to decreased productivity, morale, and innovation.

Rapid Change

The pace of change is accelerating, and this can make it difficult to keep up. Teams may be struggling to adapt to new technologies, new regulations, and new customer demands.


Teams may be struggling to accept changes to their working habits. This can lead to resentment, decreased productivity, and sabotage.


Teams may be sceptical, especially if they’ve experienced failure before. This can lead to disengagement, disconnection, and even toxicity.

Your Case

Your situation

You could be part of the senior leadership team, a person with significant control, or part of a people and culture, or human resources function, seeking to implement a carefully structured change management initiative to enable your organisation to grow or evolve.

Your current landscape may be full of challenges resulting from organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, or a culmination of issues arising from the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous nature of a post-pandemic world facing a series of global challenges.

You may recognise the need to protect your employees, colleagues, clients and suppliers, from less than favourable conditions. If you calculate that your position isn’t sustainable without a journey through culture change, but you aren’t sure who can help, don’t worry.

Our solutions

Our programs are designed to deliver powerful frameworks that overcome your unique challenges, through culture reset-and-rebuild initiatives, uncovering and addressing the systemic challenges prevalent within organisations, by empowering your personnel with the shared skills, tools, and vocabulary necessary to drive your cultural transformation.

The results

Our programs are designed around you and your specific scenario, without a generic approach, using tried and tested methodologies to bring about necessary changes for the betterment of your organisation. We start with a clear mission, and end with results.

No two organisations are the same. We carefully design our interactive workshops, transformative programs, and intensive interventions in order to help you be your best, by doing what we do best: transforming working cultures to deliver results that matter.

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